“Open Confession" A Must Read For Every Man

“Confession Of A $exually Frustrated American Banker"

My name is Loyd Mike. I work with one of the 
top banks in America with a  kind of salary any man 
could wish for yet my life was miserable for my 2 
minutes on bed disease that nearly ended my marriage  . 
Thanks to my friend Spencer who introduced me to 
a solution.

One of the most embarrassing days of my life 

was the day I wanted to give my wife 
“Stratospheric Super $ex” but failed woefully 
after pouring just 2 minutes after I entered her.
 My ego was shattered and her respect for me 
disappeared into thin air.
This all happened after I had over hyped myself, 
giving me nick names like “Boss Man” and 
“Karl Drogo” promising her the hottest $ex of her 
life….I even told her that we would go at list 3 
rounds that night.

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My wife was so expectant that she bought new white lingerie’s and cooked a nice meal. Once I came home and was done eating, we jumped straight into $ex. The foreplay was awesome to the point that my wife was wet and literally begged me to enter her.
To her greatest disappointment, I lasted for just freaking 2 minutes and I could no 
longer sustain an erection. She sucked, she romanced 
and even begged me to “Come Up” again but all was 
My wife went to bed hopelessly devastated with 
disappointment written all over her face.
Premature Ejacu1ation can destroy a man’s home 
and marriage for life even if he has money and spends
 like an Jayz. Many women out of frustration and anger 
have called their husband “Impotent” to their face simply
 because they have failed to satisfy them $exually in bed. 
In America, statistics have proven that 60% of divorce 
cases are due to the fact that the man failed to satisfy the 
woman in bed which leads to her boldly cheating on her
 husband without regrets.
LET ME BLOW YOU AWAY….. There are even 
websites where married women pay thousands of 
dollars to strong and able black boys to have $ex 
with them i.e a one night stands, and they come 
out joyous and happy.
Your wife or lover might not do this because she is a 
virtuous woman but I can bet that she is secretly being 
tempted to test other guys so she can experience what it 
feels like to have an orgasm. She is even praying to God 
to change your situation so she can enjoy a happy $ex life.
Premature Ejacu1ation is uncontrolled ejaculation 
either before or shortly after $exual penetration. 
It happens with minimal sexual stimulation and before 
the person wishes. It can be so bad that you wish to go 
at least 20 minutes and probably 2 to 3 rounds of 
marathon sex but you can’t just help it to the point 
that you release within just 3 -4 thrusts during 
This may result in unsatisfactory $ex for both partners. 
This can also increase the anxiety that may add to the 
problem. It is one of the most common forms of male 
$exual dysfunction. It has probably affected every man 
at some point in his life.
Premature Ejacu1ation could be caused by anxiety 
especially when your wife or partner expects a good 
romping from you and she is already complaining. 
The anxiety that comes by just wanting to please her 
could also cause premature ejacu1ation.
Stress, al-cohol, tob-acco, an injury or maybe a 
medication you are taking could also be the cause 
of this premature ejacu1ation.
Many of the things above might actually not be the 
cause of your premature ejaculation. Maybe you are
 not anxious, stressed, neither do you do al-cohol or 
tob-acco plus you are not on medication.
According to WebMD….
“One Of The Main Causes Of Premature 
Ejacu1ation Is When The Peni$ Becomes 
Too Sensitive To Friction”
When the peni$ becomes to sensitive to friction, 
the slightest touch will lead to an ejacu1ation. 
That is why some men release even before they 
have penetrated their wives, or just 60 seconds to 
2 minutes of penetration.
This can be very frustrating to the man because 
the wife is expecting more thrusts from you and 
you are already done for the day.
With this the woman becomes frustrated and angry 
and she has no choice than to close her legs and 
move on, unsatisfied.
Don’t forget that your wife or lover loves $ex just 
as much as you do and failure to satisfy her would 
make her look outside……Maybe she probably is 
hitting on that young janitor or garbage collector 
right now as we speak.
Good News, I HAVE a solution Just For You……
My $ex life was frustrated due to the fact that I had 
super sensitive man-hood. In fact I could only last 
11 seconds in bed and my wife would be looking at 
me as if I failed K-12 seven times.
My friend introduced this powerful Man Tea to me. 
This Man Tea helped me lower the sensitivity in my 
peni$ making me last up to 50 minutes from the first 
round. All I did was drink this Man Tea  and 
boom…..$ex was fire for fire.  

Ever since I used tis Man Tea  my wife 
transformed my name from Hey Loyd to My Lord

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She even pushed me to setup this page to help other women that are passing through the mess she went through when my down below epilepsy nearly ended our marriage


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